John Turben is a renowned hypnotherapist who helped thousands of people resolve addiction and mental health issues and strive to appreciate life to the fullest. He is a graduate of lacrosse University of Wisconsin, lives in Lacrosse, Wisconsin, and has helped to build Iowa Behavioral Clinic in Des Moines, Iowa.

Mr. Turben was well regarded as an entertainer before becoming a therapist, performing as a hypnotist all over the Midwestern Unit. When he explored hypnotism's ability to heal people, he left the entertainment industry.

John is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, and he talks with experience, having endured homelessness and drug abuse. He is a member of St Joseph's Cathedral Church and lives by maintaining that "helping others is the only way to support yourself."


John's speeches and narratives outlines John's personal challenges, as well as his ambitious vision for the future of American mental health support. He publicly confronts the stigma and guilt that is widely associated with communities struggling to deal with mental illness and/or addiction.

John's coaching and training is an immersive adventure to fully comprehend who you are as a trauma warrior, uncover your inner strength, and take the first step to realize your ability to the full.


John is an outstanding, interesting and informative speaker who keeps his testimony passionate for the audience. John Turben is able to connect with the students and the struggling individuals. John has worked as a speaker with several organizations and conferences and shared his story of addiction and recovery to motivate thousands of people around him.

John's life coaching helps people reach their goals by identifying their natural abilities and strengths. The result is improved satisfaction, accomplishment and understanding as they understand their values and start living by them. John has supported many individuals, along with religious institutions and churches, through his work in welfare and mental health organizations.


John's highly personalized presentations and trainings offer inspiration and hope in embracing your life 's personal challenges as an impactful part of making progress towards your most joyous life!

You probably have many questions about what it is that at trauma life coach and mentor can do for you and help you with. If you have specific questions, you can connect with John or schedule a session to find out more about what I do and if we are the right fit for each other.