John Turben talks ardently about life after drugs and what it tends to take for an addict to heal and sustain a good transition and deal with trauma, shame and denial. The audiences always leave with key competencies for carving out of self-destructive ignorance and asserting a secure, safe, sound, and thoughtful place for themselves and their families.

John Turben's life coaching workshops and training sessions are all about exposing the adversary and how to get through with it. To get you out of the spiral, you will learn mental exercises and behavioral techniques. This path is a first step towards achieving prosperity, joy and inner peace. This trauma program is the initiation of years of work and a gateway to shaping your own life depending on you.


John's life coaching sessions are about linking his constructed and leveraged resources and skills over a life span to support other people break free from the whirlpool of trauma and become the person they know they can be.

Through a sequence of strategies and different modalities around mindfulness, self-help, and assessing the influence of trauma from a physiological level, John discovered how to plunge into his real inner ability. After his complete progress, he continues to serve the community. He has witnessed the darkest of days, rose from his struggles and now wants the same for his fellow humans.


John will delve into learning your past by life coaching to show you the ways to learn how to transcend your success to transform your mentality to translate thoughts into endurance, resilience, humility, empathy, and love. His workshops accompany the following points:

  • Acknowledge they have challenges
  • Identify relapse-causing triggers
  • Enforce powerful recuperation strategies
  • Make a lifetime commitment to healing
  • Let go of individuals and enablers of criticism or negativity
  • Protect and improve quality of life
  • Set ambitions, objectives and stay active.
  • Find a strong community and support